With work being craziness and being distracted by physical pursuits like Tough Mudder and various fun runs, it’s been a long time between rodeos.   Hayley was nice enough to help me get back in the photographic saddle, she was incredibly patient and didn’t laugh or run away when I stumbled, crashed and knocked over pretty much all the equipment (can’t wait to get my photographer feet back).

We were basically aiming to vary the shots as much as possible in the hour and a half we had.

Hayley---IMG_5266Hayley---IMG_5372-1 Hayley---IMG_5333-1 Hayley---IMG_5320 Hayley---IMG_5295.2 Hayley---IMG_5365

Gemma 1 Cynthia 1


Cynthia brought a ridiculous amount of creativity to our shoot.  Almost every day for a week before the shoot I received a new message with added thoughts, ideas, creative concepts to try.  She’s one of those models that I had to run to catch up to and once the shoot was finished, I only hope I did her justice.

Gabrielle 1 Jenna-Lee

Jenna Lee

Jenna-Lee was kind enough to help me out with some ideas I had.  I noticed a lot of glamour images in magazines like Maxim were going for a more low key approach.  It seemed like they were putting the same effort into making the model look amazing, but then just chucking her in a hotel room and shooting with a normal camera and flash.  I found out it’s much harder than it looks, luckily Jenna-Lee can pull off just about any image…

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Midori had ideas to burn, so we were able to shoot quite varied shots in a very short time.  Like all great models, she was able to perform under uncomfortable situations.

Retoucher credit for the first image : Lottatude Photography.

Corrina Chrissy Jasmine Girls Angelika Cat 2