Maeva and Felicia

It’s hard to believe that these two images are of the same person, let alone were taken within an hour of each other.

Maeve and Felicia are an extremely creative team, with Maeva modelling and Felicia providing makeup and them both providing styling and ideas.  Expect to see a lot more shots from this duo.


Monique 1 Kiara


Kiara was extremely easy to work with, she has a remarkable can do attitute and really isn’t afraid to make an image as good as it can possibly be.  She wasn’t worried about looking silly, she just made shots happen.  The image below is a composite of the shots we took, there really were a large number of shots to work with.




Photoshoot – Vicki

Vicki was ridiculously fun to shoot.  Not only did she bring an extraordinary attitude and an addictive laugh, but she also brought her friend Tia Maria who was very, very funny and an accomplished makeup artist.  I think I’m pretty lucky to have found these two and I hope to shoot them both together in the near future.



I actually found this photoshoot with Candice extremely difficult.  I knew I wanted some images to work on my photoshop techniques, and I knew those images needed to be lit in a very basic way.  It meant that the photoshoot was way quick, once the lighting was set up we flew through, but I had to constantly fight the urge to change everything up to make things more interesting.  Keeping everything basic was pretty much the hardest thing ever.  Again, I’m still working things out in photoshop, and by “working” I mean “pressing all the buttons” but this is my latest effort.



Hayley is a model I’ve worked with a number of times, and after every shoot I get excited about the next one.  Hayley brings so many ideas and concepts to each shoot and has a huge understanding about what would look amazing.  Above all that though, Hayley is happy to put herself out there, she may feel silly in some of the poses, but the shot always looks amazing.

Here is a shot from our latest photoshoot.




The image below has taken two solid nights of photoshopping, and I think I could have easily saved maybe 1000 versions of this one image.   Is the below image the very best version, um, maybe, maybe not, but I like it.

Laura Lee

Laura Lee

I’m frantically trying to improve my photoshop skills as I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed working on images, but rarely find the time to have a play.  It is incredibly time-consuming and I’m often unsure about the results.

Here is a simple edit of an image of Laura Lee.

Janelle---IMG_2676 Esh Cat Colly-Double-300x225