Ideas I couldn’t quite get from my head to the page.


It’s hard to admit when shots don’t quite turn out like you imagined.  I find it tricky to come up with unique ideas, it feels like everything in the photographic world has been done a million times before by people far more skilled.  Still, you’re never going to get better if you don’t try…

I had two ideas that I wanted play with.

1.) A series where everything is happy, cheery and colourful, and as the series progresses, the images are drained of all colour, resulting in a last stark dark image.  I tried this twice, and never quite felt like I captured it as I wanted…

I first tried with Amira and Kiara but I think the poses where too large and too numerous.


I think the 2nd attempt with Hayley and Hayley went a lot better, but I’m not sure if the series would make much sense to anyone without an explanation.



The second idea came from seeing a billion images of female models in intimate poses. I wanted to flip it and show a series where two girls share intimacy but one of the girls finishes the series with regret.


The second try with Hayley and Hayley went less well I think.  I just couldn’t capture the emotions I was trying to convey.


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