Clique Monthly Challenge – Buildings and Monuments.

The Clique Monthly Challenge for March was Building and Monuments, and it was a bit of a disaster.  Entries closed at midnight on the 24th of March, so when did I start… 10pm on the 24th of March.  I just kept procrastinating until it was totally too late.  So while my partner was all comfy on the couch, I headed out with my tripod and my camera.

Some new apartments have gone up near us in a space that was previously parkland… very close by there is a bridge for the train, and I think that the bit under the bridge got a bit of a makeover as part of the developers deal to build on that parkland.  It’s all arty and stuff, just not so much at night.

The below photo is me running around with my flashing bicycle light while on a 30 second shutter speed.


The photo that I entered though was facing the other direction, and while it was on it’s 30 seconds of shutter openage, a train when past overhead, lighting up the whole area.

I total fluke but I really like it.


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