Clique Monthly Challenge – Shine a light on what matters to you.

The Clique Monthly Challenge for April was ‘Shine a light on what matters to you’.  I assumed lots of people would put a spotlight on their kids or pets, or take photos of them in a stream of sunshine.  Instead, all the photos that won were just normal type photos on social issues; homelessness, waste, etc.  I did not win.. but only because my photo wasn’t good and I misunderstood the brief.

My idea was to use UV blacklight as my ‘shine a light’ to set myself away from the crowd… and considering I play indoor soccer 3 times a week I asked a friend to kick a ball around in the studio under the UV lights.  It was crazy hard.  I wanted movement in the shot, but because it was so dark everything was super blurry.  We probably took about 50 shots, and this was my favourite.  It didn’t turn out at all like I had in my head, but considering I really only put an hour into this I couldn’t expect much more really.




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