Clique Monthly Challenge – Daily life.

The Clique Monthly Challenge for May was ‘Daily life’.  In the article The Age printed for this challenge, they pretty much said it’s a photo of strangers going about their business.  I’d assume this’ll mean lots of garbologists on a foggy morning, baristas surrounded by steam, etc.  Instead of getting out amongst it, I wanted to create a photoshoot that symbolized Daily Life to see how I’d go without a studio setting.

I basically organised some models to come along and completely ignore me.  I gave them scenarios to act out in.  The girls were great.  It was all a little stilted at first, I gave them virtually no direction, but it didn’t take long until the natural charm of the girls to shine through.



This one was really just for kicks, but I did consider entering it.


This is the image I entered.  I felt it was the most natural and yet told a story about everyone’s increased pursuit of healthiness which hopefully could mean an end to a lot of disease and heartache for future generations.



In hindsight, I would have removed the branded berries from the shot.  Hopefully that doesn’t cause any negative scoring, etc.

Disappointingly but possibly unsurprisingly, the Clique Monthly Challenge stopped providing feedback after the first week… the checkbox simply disappeared.  It’s a shame because I really liked that, but I totally understand it might have been a massive undertaking and totally resource heavy.  Still a shame.

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