Portfolio shoot – Marilla

I’ve been concentrating on photographic projects for the last few shoots, and really wanted to do a full portfolio shoot just so I wasn’t losing touch with the process.  A while ago, portfolio shoots used to be my photographic bread and butter…

Luckily, Marilla was happy to model for me since she needed some updated portfolio shots.  She was really nice to work with… Immensely patient and hardly paused when we had to climb over fences, etc.

I like these shots, but I’m not super happy that I’ve blown out some of the areas that we highlighted by the sun or studio lights…. It’s really something that I need to focus way more on.

I was happy that we were able to produce 4 shots that were really quite different from each other in about 2 hours. I did the makeup while Marilla provided the styling for the shots.  It was all pretty casual really.







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